Two New Online Resources on China

east view





Bryn Mawr now subscribes to the following databases from East View:

The Current Digest of the Chinese Press provides an understanding of current events as reported by mass media in the People’s Republic of China, offering readers a much clearer (if more complex) view of the current Chinese reality. Presents articles from key Chinese newspapers on such topics as politics, international relations, economics, public health, education, culture and more. Articles are selected from sources in China which are explicitly targeted on a domestic audience. Each article is translated into English, with great attention given to conveying the sense and spirit” of the Chinese text.


CAJ – China Academic Journals. CAJ is the most comprehensive, full-text database of Chinese journals in the world. It contains more than 9,800 journals starting from 1915. As of February 2013, the full-text article count reached 43.8 million. Bryn Mawr subsribes to the Literature/History/Philosophy and Politics/Military Affairs/Law collections.

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